Piercings aren't just done to ears. People have their nipples, navels, eyebrows, lips, nose, clitoris hoods, penises, labia, and other body parts pierced. These are done for many reasons, some are because it is a fashion statement, or it's a change in ones life, and the one I really hate, peer pressure.    

It seems that piercings have become more of a fashion statement then what they were originally intended for, the effects are the same and the people who are pierced are more aware of that metal ring they have on parts of their body. Back in history to prevent being captured and sold as slaves men and women would disfigure themselves by stretching the earlobes, piercing and stretching the lips, and  so on. East Indian areas, piercing the nostril was only done when the woman was getting married. In Roman times the Army Captains would pierce their nipples which would allow them to attach their tunics so that they wouldn't move when marching or if it was windy when being in formal presentation. As one looks through history, there are many reasons for some of the piercings today, but not for the same reason we get them done today. As you will read further on you will start to understand why some people get pierced, and how it can change your body awareness.

These are the bare facts, getting a piercing, first of all, is an incredibly intense rush, on a  purely physical level. It's a very powerful thing to willingly have someone push a sharp piece of metal through your body. It can be a level of sensation beyond any you've experienced in your life. Body piercings are a commitment and should be respected as such. There is a lot of care that has to go into taking care of ones new piercing, so a person has to be committed to doing so.

Once you have a piercing, it can completely change the way that part of the body feels to you. One friend of mine said that his nipple piercings turned his nipples from little places that felt okay to full-fledged erotic zones connected right to his dick. He says his nipple piercings are the best thing he's ever done for his body and his sex life, and he seems damn sincere! The same goes for all the piercings in the genital area; they can really make sex more fun! There is some medical evidence that nerves around the pierced location become much more sensitive, that can intensify orgasm so this isn't mere folklore.

For myself, I have multiple piercings, both nipples with 8 gauge rings, 5 Frenums with 10 gauge barbell and 4 10 gauge captive bead rings, a Prince Albert which is 4 gauge, and 7 earrings that are all captive bead rings ranging from 8 gauge to 14 gauge.

Now comes the peer pressure part. As we got more into the 90's it was a big thing to get navel piercings mostly for the women, but men have been getting them as well. The Gothic's started getting into the facial piercings... and yes I will say it... a FAD, peer pressure, it was cool, my friend looks neat with them... I am going to get some myself. BUT, Goth's were also saying I am committing myself to something I believe in, with this I can understand why they are getting facial piercings, there is a reason, just not "a thing at the time" for the piercing. It now seems that piercings are now on a decline, as body piercing has seem to run it's course for the time being. I am sure as time goes on there will be an up surge in piercings again. Many are now finding out that by having facial piercings have limited them in the job market, or are treated like some kind of weirdo a lack of respect for that person. So now a days you really have to think about what you are doing to yourself and how it will effect your life for the future.

Some people get into play piercings, which are done temporarily with anything from 22 gauge to 14 gauge needles, which are removed at the end of the scene. This is basically another kind of sensory trip, which some find very enjoyable. The needles don't _hurt_, exactly, but you certainly do know they're in there, and they sure do get those endorphins pumping! Also permanent piercing can be performed in a ritual setting with chosen friends and surroundings and can also be part of a sexual act, but you have to know what you are doing and should only be done by someone who is fully qualified to do the piercing.

You don't want to try doing permanent piercings unless you've been personally trained by a professional I spent just over two years before I ever did my first piercing. There is a lot of knowledge involved, and you definitely don't want to get stuck with a bad piercing. Play piercings are less hardcore, but you still want to make sure you know sterile technique.

Now here is a question that I get asked by a lot from women. Does nipple piercing cause problems with nursing? Sometimes yes, sometimes no; there are stories both ways. There are many milk ducts in an average nipple, so the chances are good that nursing can still happen, but nothing is certain.

The following statement is used by MOST piercers or piercing shops. As a piercee you have RIGHTS, and you should know about them. If the piercer or the shop area does not meet the following BILL OF RIGHTS, then I would suggest you walk out of that place and find someone or someplace that does. Remember it's your body and you have to take care of it. Ask questions, find out the background of the piercer, and don't just go to the first place you see. Some try to find the cheapest way to get a piercing, this does not exist. You get what you pay for and that's a fact.

Some people want to be pierced with gold or some other form of jewelry. You should only be pierced with surgical stainless steel to start with. Once the piercing has fully healed then you can change to what ever you want, but remember, other jewelry can still cause problems after the healing is complete. I have know quite a few people who get what they want and use some other form of metal for the piercing. They end up with an infection and then have to remove the piercing. Now, they have spent up to $100.00 + to get that done and for what? to remove it after? what is the point then? Be kind to your body in six months you can change your rings to something you like.


Every person being pierced has the right......

-to be pierced in a scrupulously hygienic, open environment, by a clean, conscientious piercer wearing a fresh pair of disposable latex gloves.

-to a sober, friendly, calm, and knowledgeable piercer, who will guide them through their piercing experience with confidence and assurance.

-to the peace of mind which comes from knowing that their piercer know and practices the very highest standards of sterilization and hygiene.

-to be pierced with a brand new, completely sterilized needle, which is immediately disposed of in a medical sharps container after use on the piercee alone.

-to be touched only with freshly sterilized, appropriate implements, properly used and disposed of or re-sterilized in an autoclave prior to use on anyone else.

-to know that ear piercing guns are NEVER APPROPRIATE, and are often dangerous, when used on anything other than ear lobes.

-to be fitted only with jewelry which is appropriately sized, safe in material, design, and construction, and which best promotes healing. Gold plated, gold filled, and sterling silver jewelry are never appropriate for any new or unhealed piercing.


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