Breast Worship

Hello everyone, welcome to my little discourse on breast worship. This little how to will put together some information that will certainly help you out when it comes to worshipping the breasts of your partner.

First of all, breasts come in all shapes and sizes, from teeny tiny ones to great big huge ones. Contrary to public opinion bigger is not always better. In fact smaller breasts may very well be more sensitive than the large breasts that are so popular. They also come in two very distinct flavors, natural or cosmetically enhanced. The reactions you get from a woman's breasts are going to vary a great deal.  What some women will like, others will hate with an equal passion. 

Breasts should always be handled delicately, with great care and attention being paid to them.  Well, at least when you're first starting out anyway. They aren't to be grabbed like melons to see if they are ripe enough. It's a good idea, especially if this is a new partner to inquire about what kind of stimulation she enjoys. Does she want lots of nipple stimulation, does she prefer a soft or firm touch upon her breasts.  Once you know what she likes, it is far easier to gradually change the play slightly, introducing new elements from time to time, adding a bit of variety to your breast worship. 

There isn't any right or wrong way to proceed with your breast worship.  You must pay attention to the cues that your partner provides you, both verbal and non-verbal. Verbal cues are when she moans or gasps when you do something. She may even speak and tell you that she is enjoying what you are doing.  The non-verbal cues are when she begins to squirm around, trying to position her breast beneath your hand or her head begins to toss from side to side as you work your magic. These cues will allow you to file her likes and dislikes away for future sessions. 

So, you've discovered something that she really likes, her body language is heating up and she's becoming aroused. At this point, you can do one of two things. You can either continue with what you are doing or you can stop and move on to something a little different. I don't mean stop touching her breasts, simply change the stroke that you are using or focus on a different part of the breast for a while. Anticipation is a wonderful thing. 

The actual touching of the breast can be done in a variety of ways. Once again you will have to experiment with your partner to see what works best for both of you. You can begin with just lightly skimming your fingertips over the fleshy parts of her breast, completing ignoring the nipple.  Move your fingers across her breasts from side to side or move them in a circular motion starting at the outside of the breast and working your way in closer and closer to the nipple. Let your fingertips just skim over top of  the nipple, then resume your previous strokes. 

If you want to really heat things up, continue with your hand movements, gently caressing the swell of her breasts. Lower your head and skim your lips across her skin. Start down by her belly and slowly work your way upward. She will feel the heat from your breath warming her skin. As you work your way up closer to her breasts lightly flick your tongue over her skin. Once you have reached the breast, flick your tongue over one nipple and then move on to the next one. Alternate these types of movements until you feel that she's ready for the next phase. 

The next phase can be whatever you'd like it to be. Personally, I think that this is a good time to take the nipple into your mouth. Close your lips over the nipple and gently suck into your mouth, swirling your tongue over the tip of the nipple. This may be done repeatedly with each breast. Observe your partner's reactions to the different types of stimulation that you are using. 

These are some of the basics to get you started. Where you take it from here is anybody's guess, but I do have a few suggestions. These are of course subject to individual tastes and will vary a great deal from couple to couple. 

I am a bit of a sensation junky, so I get a great deal of pleasure from someone running just fingertips over my breasts until I can't stand it anymore. This feeling can be greatly enhanced by the use of a blindfold. The loss of eyesight will shift the focus to the sense of touch. If you really want to push this limit then find some earplugs as well. Your partner won't be able to see or to hear you. They will be able to focus entirely on the sensations that you create for them. Some interesting things you can use in this instance are feathers, ice, any items which have different textures. Note what type of effect each on has on your partner. This will give you a good indicator of what direction you may go in future sessions of breast worship. 

If these things in this tutorial have proved to be pleasant for you and your partner, then please stay tuned for my next tutorial on Breast Play. I will detail some of the different ways you can play with your partner's breasts.  


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