Erogenous Zones 

I think that everyone has some erogenous zones. Many people have multiple zones that are a turn on for them and others have very few. Personally I'm in the first category - my whole body is one big erogenous zone. 

Finding your partner's most erotic spots can result in some great foreplay and fantastic sex. Since partners don't tend to come with maps marking all the erogenous zones for us we have to indulge in some experimentation. I think that it would be great if a new partner came labeled with "push here to excite me" buttons 

Men often seem to think that their only erogenous zone is their penis and the area around it. From experience I've found that this simply isn't true. It will vary from man to man so I encourage both partners to be willing to explore. 

With that in mind here are some hints for some of the more common erogenous zones. This will give you a starting point to figure out what works for your partner. Then all you need to do is expand them to find the recipe that completely wows your partner. 

This is my take on erogenous zones. Don't forget that your mind is the largest erogenous zone we have. Make use of naughty fiction or erotic pictures to get the juices flowing. You may be amazed at the results.


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