Masturbation - Setting the Moodtion - Setting the Mood

 I hope that you will find this information useful in your masturbation journey. I will remind you at this point that I am not a sex professional and the information that I present here is the result of extensive reading as well as my own personal experiences, and experiences of those close to me. If you do have questions I will try to help you as best I can. 

What is masturbation? Masturbation is a primary form of sexual expression usually involving only one person. It is perhaps one of the safest sex methods available to us in this day and age. Masturbation is an excellent way to resolve sexual tension, especially if you do not have a partner. It is also very common for couples to masturbate individually within the relationship. 

Who enjoys masturbation? Masturbation is enjoyed by people of all ages, from the very young to the very old. Women and men enjoy masturbation equally. The attitude today towards masturbation is not as severe as it once was. Masturbation is becoming more accepted as a normal form of sexual expression, not something dirty and evil.

Now, the really big question, why are we talking about masturbation at all, doesnít everyone already know how to do it? There are two answers to this question, the first being that a lot of people of both sexes have never masturbated and therefore arenít sure how to begin. The second being that a lot of people have been masturbating for some time but are perhaps looking for a little bit different technique or ideas that they havenít yet tried.

 I am going to attempt to set up the framework for making masturbation an enjoyable experience. Setting the mood so to speak. This part of the tutorial will be directed to both sexes. From there, I will attempt to list a variety of different techniques for men and for women. 

The preparation to masturbation can vary greatly from person to person. Some will enjoy having a nice hot bath and then lying back on their bed to read an erotic story that will arouse their passions. This can result in a long, leisurely masturbation session. A session in which is well suited for experimentation. Others will enjoy the thrill that comes from a quick masturbation session in a spot where it is possible that they will be caught if they are not fast enough. This method will be covered in a separate article. 

Letís get started then. You have made the decision to have a masturbation session, youíve got the house to yourself and you wonít be interrupted for a while. Begin by setting the mood a little. Choose some music that you like to listen to, something fairly soft and light so as not to distract you. If you are going to have a leisurely bath light some candles instead of using your traditional lighting. Add some scented bubble bath to the water. Make is a sensuous experience. 

While you are in the bath, you can think of past erotic experiences, fantasies that youíd like to see fulfilled or any number of other things that turn you on. Just lightly stroke your fingers over your body, not really touching the genital area, just skimming over it. You donít want to get to orgasm in the tub, at least not this time but merely set the tone for the next step. 

Have a big fluffy towel to wrap yourself on hand for when you get out of the bathtub. If you have some honey dust or something similar you may apply that after youíve dried yourself off. When you are ready, move into the bedroom. 

You may want to place a towel down on the bed. This makes clean up much simpler and takes some of the worry out of the session. It wouldnít hurt to have a lubricant on hand as well. This can either be a scented oil or just plain old KY jelly; it really depends on your preference. There will be cases in which you will find that a lubricant isnít required at all. 

If you are not already aroused from your exploration in the bathtub or you have decided to skip that part and head straight for the bedroom you might want to grab some erotic fiction to read to get you into the right frame of mind. Personally I find that the written word is far more erotic than looking at pictures. Not to say that looking at pictures doesnít turn me on, it definitely does. It is just that by reading erotic fiction your imagination gets a work out and I find it far more effective. 

Lying back on your bed you can peruse your favorite erotica and begin an exploration of your body with the other hand. At first just concentrate on running your fingers lightly over all parts of your body, just grazing lightly over the genitalia. Touch yourself in different locations, note which ones provide more excitement. Vary the intensity of the touch and see what difference that makes. Keeping track of your responses becomes very valuable when you have a relationship with a partner. If you know what makes you feel good then it is much easier to share that with a partner so that they can arouse you to the same level of excitement.   


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